jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Peggy in La Paz!

Six months ago today I remember my first, very memorable view of La Paz. Dozing in the back of a taxi after a long flight I was suddenly and unexpectedly aware of a sprawling and colourful city. Thousands and thousands of multi-coloured houses, precariously stacked on top of each other, watched over by the majestic snow-capped Illimani, winking in the morning sun. It was a wonderful start to a wonderful adventure. I was taken to San Pedro, a bustling neighbourhood where there is never a dull moment and my home for the next 6 months.

I’ve loved living in and exploring this incredible and diverse country. Living at 12, 000 feet makes everyday spectacular and allows for some truly breathtaking (in more sense than one) adventures. Tucked in amongst the monstrous Cordilleras range there is unlimited trekking and exploring to enjoy.  Head 569km south and you can find the other-worldly splendour of Salar de Uyuni with its moon-scapes, pink flamingos, volcanic plains, and dark night skies crammed with stars. To the west there is steamy jungle teeming with birds and wildlife. My highlights have been camping trips in the mountains, whizzing down the dramatic and infamous death road, and exploring the beautiful Toro Toro National Park

Working at Instituto Exclusivo has been a real pleasure. There is a lovely team of teachers here and I felt very welcomed from my very first day. Our classes are usually one on one or small groups which means you end up getting to know your students really well. We teach in class, on Skype, and at people’s homes or work. This makes for a diverse group of students making everyday unique. From Bolivian businesswomen, to Spanish UN ambassadors, to plastic surgeons in Italy, to Bolivian teenagers, I’ve definitely had an eclectic bunch of people. It’s been really fun teaching them and they’ve taught me some things too.

If you’re thinking of coming to teach and live in La Paz I would highly recommend packing your sunscreen (particularly if you’re a fellow scot) and heading out here. It’s an interesting, diverse and lively place and I feel very privileged to have lived and worked here. 
Good luck and happy travels!

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