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To Instituto Exclusivo and beyond...

Check out the new Instituto Exclusivo video made by Rebecca, one of our English teachers.  It gives a little taste of La Paz and life here at Instituto Exclusivo.  If you're toying with the idea of travelling abroad...do it!  You won't regret it!  Latin America is so wonderfully diverse, with incredible people, places and cultures and by learning some Spanish, you will get so much more out of your travels.  Here at Instituto Exclusivo we provide our students with a safe, friendly place to learn Spanish that won't break the bank - pretty high concerns on any backpackers list (I say this from experience)!

So.....why come to Bolivia?

Por que no?! - You have nothing to lose!  Fear of the unknown puts so many people off travelling but it really is life-changing in the best possible way.  

The diversity - This country has so much to offer - from the jungle to the moutains and everything in between.  Think high plains, deserts, salt flats and hot hot heat. And Lago Tititcaca is pretty much as big as an ocean so we even have that ;)

The adrenaline rush -  and I'm not talking about the rush when you find out your long distance bus has a working toilet.  Tourism in Bolivia has grown rapidly over the last few years and extreme sports are really starting to take off.  A couple of La Paz companies who spring to mind for that sort of thing are Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking who provide crazy mountain biking trips in breathtaking locations and Urban Rush, if abseiling down a 17 story building dressed as spiderman is your thing.  From paragliding to swimming with pink dolphins there is something for everyone on this adrenaline spectrum. 

You get bang for your buck.  Hate saying it, but as a developing economy, prices are still very low here in Bolivia.  If you're coming in with dollars, pounds, euros etc your money goes will go an incredibly long way.  You can load up with as many llamas sweaters as you can fit in your backpack while still having enough left over to spend 4 days in a jeep touring the Salar de Uyuni before hot footing it to the jungle and going piranha fishing in Rurrenabaque. 

Last, but by no means least, Bolivian Spanish is easy to understand!  Might sound like a small thing but trust me, once you've heard two Chileans deep in conversation you'll realise how much easier it can be here.  
So what are you waiting for.....?

If this little list has whet your appetite then check out these links for more  information on Bolivia  - Bolivia Bella and Bolivia-online 

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